5 Steps To Organise Your Bathroom Space

After scrubbing and cleaning your bathroom, it’s time to organize the space as well. Organizing gives you a clear idea as to what is kept where and make sure you don’t buy the same item just because you lost it in the whole mess. Besides, organizing your bathroom area makes it look more appealing. You spend a good amount of time in the bathroom in the morning. It makes sense to wake up to something orderly and pleasing instead of a pile of the dump. This applies for your other spheres like the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even your workplace. These simple ideas can help you declutter and make your bathroom even more attractive!

organise your bathroom space
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1. Have a good look at your things, cosmetics, toiletries, everything and throw out empty bottles, sachets, soap holders, etc. These take up space for no reason and make it seem like you have a bucketload of things. Carefully look at other cosmetics and toiletries too, the ones that haven’t been used or the ones you don’t like. Throw them away or give them away. It is important to first create space before beginning the organizing process.

2. Prioritize your things. Things you use daily can be kept in the bathroom cabinet, in the top shelf or towards the front. Things like face masks, razors, and shaving creams can be kept in your cupboard outside or towards the back of the cabinet. These products are used only occasionally. Keeping everything together without is inconvenient as well as time-consuming. You can take this a step further and keep these items in separate bags or containers according to their usage -daily and occasional usage.

If you want a dry toilet, Others want it too. So, keep it dry.

3. Avoid storing your items on the window sill and bathtub side. That makes your space look extremely untidy and gives a shabby appearance. Install wall-mount type holders and hooks to neatly place all the items close to each other, away from your window and bathtub. The idea is to reduce clutter as much as possible by having designated places for your soap shampoo bottles.

organise your bathroom space
source: www.pixabay.com

4. Instead of dumping your towels on the floor or anywhere else, hang it on a hook behind the door. The back of the door could be used for installing other racks and shelves as well. Leaving your towel without giving it enough space to breathe can also lead to the formation of mold.

5. Lastly, get your creative side out and start working on a few DIYs! Cute mason jars for storing earbuds and cotton balls, a fancy tub turned into a dustbin or maybe a small potted plant near the window sill to give your bathroom a cute look. Not only will the end product be pleasing to your senses, but the whole process of cleaning up will be enjoyable too. Before you start organizing your bathroom space you must know these 8 steps to deep clean your bathroom.

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