8 Steps To Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Feeling useless? Or maybe need to vent some frustration? Treat your bathroom to some thorough deep cleaning. Taking on the most repulsive room in the house can be a daunting task but one that is extremely fulfilling upon being completed. Everyone’s bathroom gets an instant cleanup done in 2 minutes typically before the arrival of guests, but it’s not just the guests who deserve to see your bathroom at its finest.

Your bathroom requires this kind of extreme cleaning at least once a year schedule a day to focus on deep-cleaning your bathroom from top to bottom.

Equipment that one would require before embarking on this quest would be rubber gloves, good ventilation, and a whole lot of tenacity. Now we shall go through a segmented explanation of how to go about this process and get the best out of your bathroom.

1. The Walls : Too busy focusing on other more significant parts of the bathroom, people’ bathroom walls and ceilings often get neglected. An all-purpose cleaner and paper towels are required at hand to do a good job cleaning the walls and ceiling of the bathroom.

2. Shower : Give your shower curtain a break! Unhook the shower curtain from the shower rod along with the liner. Then proceed to place the curtain and liner in the washing machine. Strong scrubbing would be required if they are in extremely bad shape. A strong bathroom cleaner that uses bleach or oxygenation may come in handy. Then, proceed to use a narrow brush to scrub away the scum from the soap and mildew.

3. Caulking : How do we get rid of the small patches of mold are springing up around the caulking in your shower or bathtub? Soak some rolls of cotton in bleach, that’s how! Wedge them against the caulking for several hours, ideally overnight, because mold spores lurk deep down. Rinse thoroughly. Job done.

source : www.pixabay.com

4. Bathtub : Keep a nonabrasive cleanser handy and remove all of that annoying scum! Special attention must be paid to the drain. There should be no sign of any gunk present, and then sprinkle an enzyme treatment down the drain to prevent any possible clogs.

5. Toilet : One of the most pivotal parts of your bathroom. Make sure to sterilize the bowl with a germ-zapping, bleach-based cleaner. Attention to detail is important and every crevice must be attended to. Cotton balls and swabs work well for small spaces.

6. Sink : This is the most used item in anyone’s bathroom. It needs to be spotless! Clean the entire sink surface with a nonabrasive cleanser. This includes the often neglected underside of a pedestal sink. A glass cleaner is highly recommended to clean the faucet, its handles, and the sink stopper. To get rid of rust, always prefer to have stainless steel products in your bathroom. And the best thing is that every P4 bathfittings product is made up of stainless steel with a brass coating on it which means you don’t have to worry about rust.

7. Floor Tile : Mop the entire floor and steam-clean or scrub, preferably until you can look at your own reflection at the tiling. This usually adds to the impression one makes of an individual’s lifestyle and is an extremely important part of the bathroom. Don’t let yourself down!.

8.Towels : If you’re giving your bathroom the treatment, make sure you go the distance. Drab towels simply won’t do for a bathroom that clamors for attention. Wash white towels on hot with an oxygenating detergent. Color-safe bleach is recommended to be used on colored towels, or if they’re too old, replace them. You’re done! The satisfaction and pleasure are all yours to enjoy. Take it in!

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