6 Ways To Brighten Your Bathroom

To be up and about in the morning, people rely on a wholesome bathroom experience. Your mood in the morning determines your energy level throughout the day. P4 Bathfittings ensures that this experience is delivered to you, keeping you active all day. We believe that a bright start enables bright mood. Here, a bright bathroom becomes your ideal choice. Darkness in your bathroom can lead to a dull feeling and even make your bathroom look smaller and suffocating. It can also make simple tasks harder, for example, shaving your legs or applying eyeliner. Some basic changes suggested below can help lighten your space up.

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● There is nothing as refreshing in the morning as natural light. For this, open up the windows. If you’re worried about privacy, add a film on the glass of the window that allows plenty of light to pass through. Natural light also makes your bathroom look more spacious.

● If it isn’t possible to access natural light, try getting help from an electrician to add filament spotlights on the ceiling. Adding large tube lights that light up the whole bathroom also works. These lights will help you feel more awake in the morning and this will carry forward throughout the day.

● Target your mirror. Always keep your mirror clean and free from impressions. A dirty mirror can seem dull and annoying at times. It’s also important to make sure enough light reaches your mirror. You should be able to see your face clearly.

● Light colors reflect more light than they absorb. Changing the color scheme of your bathroom to light shades of blue, pink, yellow or stark white helps keep your bathroom bright and making you feel fresh. However, light colors can be difficult to maintain and hence it is important to clean your bathroom from time to time.

source: www.pixabay.com

● Add a few extra mirrors. For example, a convex mirror for shaving your beard or plucking facial hair, a mirror to check the back of your head placed opposite to the basin, etc. Mirrors also help to spread the light across the room. If there’s enough room, you can also opt for a full-length mirror.

● Use bathroom products that have a lustrous body, preferably a silver body. P4i brings a collection of bathroom products that have shiny silver bodies with a chrome finish that makes it look new and vibrant always. These products brighten up the bathroom dramatically in contrast to products that catch corrode easily and look lifeless.

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