5 Cleaning Hacks For Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are the sphere that one inevitably uses daily and spends a good amount of time in. Although we step out of the bathroom clean and fresh, we oftentimes leave the dirt from our bodies and clothes behind us. Therefore, keeping this sphere hygienic is our prime importance. Given the smell and slime that might develop if you leave your bathroom attended over a few weeks, it seems to be a herculean task to clean it up. However, these easy hacks are sure to lift some weight off your shoulders.

cleaning hacks for bathroom

Don’t like what you see? You enter your bathroom, and the look of it puts you off? The impressions on your mirror, grime on your basin and hair in the drain are enough to tell you how dirty your bathroom actually is. These not only look repulsive but can have a repugnant odor and can cause inconvenience by clogging the drain. These hacks will definitely change that into something pleasant: Clean your mirror. Mirrors should be free of impressions and filth. Quickly wiping your mirror with soap and water solution will be enough to have it looking it’s best again. Just like mirrors, your other bathroom surfaces and even walls deserve a quick wiping. Marks and stains make the surfaces look repulsive and unhygienic.

How to deal with the stink? Moulds often develop in damp atmospheres and this can be really stinky. The foul smell in your bathroom might just be a result of this furry growth of fungi that are commonly called mould. This brings down the fresh ambiance of the bathroom and gives out a stale smell. These minor changes can have a huge impact on rejuvenating the feel of the bathroom: Change the shower curtain and towels regularly. Clothes that stay in damp atmospheres for long periods of time tend to develop mould on it. This can give rise to an unpleasant odor. Open your bathroom window. Let air circulate in your bathroom. In the absence of a window, leaving the exhaust fan also works well. No air circulation is bad for your bathroom’s health as it leaves the area stale and smelly. Clean your toilet inside out. Take a brush, use toilet liquid and clean the inside of your toilet and the seat.

cleaning hacks for bathroom
source: www.pixabay.com

If the bathroom is wet most of the time and isn’t given any space to dry up, molds can develop on the floor as well. Not only is this disgusting but can also cause you to slip on it and injure yourself as molds tend to be extremely slippery things. The area between your tiles might also begin seeming blackish. Stepping just outside your bathroom, your bathroom mat probably have hair stuck to it and is wet due to overuse. Scrub your bathroom floors regularly with a brush and wash the filth off with a bucket of water. Keep your bathroom door open and wait for it to dry up. Clean your bathroom mat with a vacuum cleaner or keep it out in the sun and dust off the hair and filth.

Be careful what you hear. The look and feel aren’t the only important areas we need to focus on, you also need to carefully hear sounds that might reflect the health of your bathroom. For example, gurgling sounds from the pipes and flush and boiling sound of water in the geyser.

cleaning hacks for bathroom
source: www.pixabay.com

Keeping your toothbrush clean is a very important step towards healthy living. If your mouth tastes weird even after you brush, it’s probably time to change your toothbrush. It is strongly recommended to buy a toothbrush cap that safeguards your toothbrush against any possible unhygienic substance. Change your brush from time to time and use a fresh toothpaste. Don’t forget to tightly put the cap back on the toothpaste. And if you are wandering to make your bathroom more spacious then you must know these 5 steps to organize your bathroom space.

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